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Do you want to support the preservation of American history?

As an archive partner with the Library of Congress, the Veterans History Project at Central Connecticut State University participates with the Library of Congress by collecting and archiving the oral histories of Connecticut's war veterans. The videotaped oral histories and any related photographs, letters, documents, or publications are accessible at our digital on-line archive. All collections are also sent to the Library of Congress where they are preserved forever for future generations of Americans.

Additionally, the VHP:

  • Honors & thanks Connecticut veterans of all wars through special events and activities.
  • Serves as a resource for educators who can download lesson plans and receive assistance with curriculum development.
  • Maintains a very active Speakers Bureau of Connecticut veterans who are available to speak at colleges, schools, military or civic organizations.
Veteran Quotes:

"The oral history should be preserved, for it reveals a truth that may not have been revealed, and a truth that tends to be forgotten with time. It serves the same universal purpose as those who preserve mementoes of their family. In my experience I did not go out of my way to reveal my war experience. The Veteran's History project was an excuse for me to ask others to look at my recording. The common shocking response to it was 'Why didn't you tell me about this before!' This was followed by question related to what was observed on the recording, and a respect for my service that I did not have before. Thanks for your good work." - Ed, WWII veteran

I feel my life would have been meaningless, If I had not been able to be a SOLDIER! –Dan, Vietnam veteran

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