Chemistry and Biochemistry Department

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry is committed to training the next generation of scientists, engineers and health-professionals in general; and, chemists and biochemists in particular. In addition, the Department provides interested students in all majors with a solid basic understanding of chemistry and biochemistry to help them function as informed citizens. The Department prides itself in providing quality instruction with an emphasis on a hands-on approach that includes opportunities for students to carry out chemical and biochemical research in collaboration with its faculty.

Fundraising Needs:

Donations given to the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry will make it possible:

• to allow its students involved in research to attend and present their results at professional conferences such as national and regional meetings of the American Chemical Society

• to purchase equipment, chemicals and supplies for student research

• for maintenance and upkeep of existing state-of-the-art facilities

Captioned above: Undergraduate student Justin Peschke, aspiring to attend graduate school, is enriching capsaicin from commercially available hot sauces using the method of solid phase extraction.

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    Chemistry is so much a part of our lives. From the food we eat to the prescriptions we take. Thank you for all you do.
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