Did you know that 15% of Americans cannot place the Pacific Ocean on a map? Or that 48% of Americans cannot locate Iraq and only 37% of young Americans could locate England -arguably our strongest ally - on a map. Cumulatively, it makes the USA second to bottom in geographic literacy in the developed world. The Department of Geography has, as its primary mission, the education of our young people in the geographic nature and relevance of the world for the 21 st century!

We cannot do it alone. We need tools, networks, and programs to meet this goal and to do that we need your support. Your gift will be used for geographic education, often in conjunction with the Connecticut Geographic Alliance, which promotes geographic awareness and literacy in the schools K – 12. Help us make Connecticut the leader in geographic education in the USA!

Pictured Above: Peggy Parry, a graduate of Central Connecticut State University is pictured at the GIS lab which was dedicated to her as a result of her generous donation to the department. The GIS lab is used to teach working professionals and geography techniques students, the revolutionary field of GIS.

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    Geographic literacy should be at the heart of a global education.
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