Modern Languages Department

The Department of Modern Languages prepares students for today's world, where knowing more than one language and understanding different cultures are essential to personal and professional growth. In addition to contributing to General Education requirements by providing basic communication skills, the Department offers undergraduate and graduate studies both on campus and abroad as part of international programs and partnerships. Courses combine a dynamic approach to language and rigorous study of literary, cultural and linguistic topics. Majors and Minors include:

B.A. in French, German, Italian and Spanish

B.S. and Post-Baccalaureate Programs in French, Italian and Spanish leading to teacher certification

M.A. Programs in Italian and Spanish, including an online M.A. in Spanish

Minors in American Sign Languages, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Polish and Spanish

Donating to CCSU's Department of Modern Languages helps and encourages our students in a variety of ways:

Scholarships for student achievements in language studies

Scholarships for students participating in study abroad programs

Conferences, concerts, art shows and events involving world languages and cultures

Opportunities for community engagement and student teacher training

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