CCSU Students Make An Impact While On Their Wordly Travels

Autoclave for Biomolecular Science Department in SEST A Project of Biomolecular Science (BMS)

"Visiting the Dominican Republic significantly opened my perspectives and worldview. Perhaps the most profound experience I had was visiting the hospital; the conditions were shocking: dirty rooms, non-sterile storage of equipment, and high levels of disorganization. The most disturbing observation was the condition of the autoclave. An autoclave is a crucial element to the dynamics of a clinic or hospital, as it is used to sterilize equipment that is meant for reuse. The function of an autoclave prevents the spread of disease and infection within the clinic." - Matthew Sagnelli, student

Gifts to this page will go entirely to the purchase of an autoclave for the Biomolecular Science Department so that students like Matthew can practice using vital pieces of equipment and can take that knowledge out into the world.

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