Textbooks: The Forgotten Expense

Tuition, fees, and room & board aren't the only significant expense for college students today

Open Education Resources (OER) A Project of Carol A. Ammon College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

The Carol A. Ammon College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences is taking the lead on this important initiative. Starting this semester we will begin working to increase open educational resources (OER) in select classes. Working in conjunction with the Student Government Association and the Library, we will be providing mini grants that will help to move classes away from expensive textbooks and to OER. In doing so, small investments will net big savings for our students. Through such grants, a one-time investment of hundreds of dollars will save our students thousands EVERY SEMESTER!

Your impact can be made by supporting this initiative. For every $1 you donate to OER, students could save nearly $10! A $25 gift will save CCSU students $250. Now that is a great investment!

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  • Silhouette
    I Gave $500
    Because the cost of education should be a pittance compared to the wealth of knowledge one will receive.