Global Environmental Sustainability Action Coalition A Project of Geography

GESAC's mission is to educate, empower and motivate members of the Central Connecticut State University community; civic, business, and political leaders; and society at large to embrace our ethical responsibility as global citizens to adopt sustainable lifestyles.

In the past, GESAC has put on lectures, exhibits, and symposiums to implement policies, programs and systems that promote a healthy environment, balanced economy, and just society for present and future generations.

Every April GESAC puts on its yearly symposium. In 2017 some topics included climate change, our carbon footprint, and the impact of bees. Keep an eye out for registration for April 2018!

GESAC also works with community groups like Trashion Fashion. Trashion Fashion has guest speakers and workshops that help CCSU students learn about concepts related to the waste stream and the importants of recycling. CCSU students participate in their regular fashion show, a production with clothing made entirely out of recycled material!

The time to support sustainability is now. We cannot wait any longer. The experience gained at CCSU for students taking part in our events and workshops will help to ensure a better planet. Your gift today can expand GESAC's impact!